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At Frina Cosmetics, we hold the unwavering belief that divine beauty resides within everyone. Our mission is to ignite inspiration, rekindle wonder, and awaken the senses to the exquisite. Let your heart be moved by the magic we create—whether it’s the delicate fragrance or the gentle touch of our products.

Our mission

Our inspiration stems from the captivating allure of the Hetera Phryna. Just as this mythical figure turned the world upside down with her beauty, our products leave an indelible mark on everyone who experiences their aroma or feels their effects on their skin. At Frina Cosmetics, we distribute memorable fragrances and skincare that resonate with each individual, leaving a lasting impression.

We believe that everyone deserves to have healthy, naturally youthful and perfectly maintained skin. We offer the most innovative EVENSWISS® cosmetics, combining the natural ingredients of Swiss nature and active patented formulations that care for the youth and revitalization of the skin - more about EVENSWISS® here.

NICOLAÏ integrates the entire process between creation and manufacturing, from the purchase of raw materials to sales in its boutiques.
All NICOLAÏ perfumes are masterpieces, created from the most noble natural raw materials, they captivate the senses with their exceptional aromas and stories...

As an alternative perfume house, ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE is an authentic and respected force in the perfume industry. Lovers of quality French perfumery are now more informed and demanding. ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE meets their requirements by taking risks, working without limitations, giving perfumers creative freedom to make unusual and remarkable fragrances. ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE perfumes are daring, provocative and memorable. They seduce, conquer and influence, have a unique handwriting and a memorable aroma.


EVENSWISS® represents the pinnacle of Swiss innovation in cosmetics, now available to the Bulgarian market. We are committed to the belief that everyone is entitled to skin that is not only healthy but also naturally youthful and impeccably cared for.

With this vision, we present cutting-edge cosmetics, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the biological processes that drive skin regeneration. Our pioneering approach incorporates Signaling Cosmetics® technology, which initiates a series of reactions that permeate the skin from the outer layer to the deeper levels.

Our formulations are enriched with natural extracts derived from a variety of plants and flowers, alongside patented and exclusive compounds. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality and groundbreaking advancements in the cosmetic industry.

The remarkable success of EVENSWISS® cosmetics can be attributed to the swift and noticeable improvements they deliver. Within just days, the skin appears noticeably rejuvenated, revitalized, and radiant.

Decades of research culminate in our distinctive EVENSWISS® formula featuring Dermatopoietin®. Discover more about the transformative power of EVENSWISS® at our website:

NICOLAÏ: Parfumeur-Créateur

In the realm of beauty, the extraordinary awaits those who dare to provoke it. It’s an adventure that beckons the senses to awaken, to explore the depths of allure and sophistication. For the connoisseurs of rare and breathtaking beauty—the kind that resonates with the soul and lingers like a cherished memory—we introduce two artisanal perfumery collections: NICOLAÏ and ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE. Each fragrance is a masterpiece, crafted to transport you to a world where beauty reigns supreme and every note tells a story.

NICOLAÏ owns its own production and packaging factory in the heart of the ‘Cosmetic Valley’. They are one of the rare perfume companies to integrate everything from conception to production and from purchasing essential oils to conditioning finished products.

Since its creation in 1989, NICOLAÏ chooses carefully all the elements needed for the production of its goods. Most of them are recycled and/or recyclable and come from suppliers truly involved in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) process.

100% of the elements are assembled by craftsmen in our factory based in la Ferté-Saint-Aubin. 100% of the concentrate is produced in Patricia de Nicolaï’s Parisian laboratory


An ambitious and daring perfume dream - passionate, temperamental, liberated. Free to create. Free to love and be loved. It's a different type of perfume - intelligent, with attitude.

Created by an unusual perfume house that uses irony to come up with names for its fragrances. A wayward perfume house that shakes prejudices and stirs up controversy, that experiments with ideas and rediscovers the pleasure we can find in smell through exceptional, delicately composed essences.

These are perfumes composed of premium, living raw materials that blend with the skin so that they can belong only to the person who wears them.

Frina BG

We at Frina Cosmetics believe that everyone has divine beauty. Our mission is to inspire, rediscover and open the senses to the beautiful, all that we contemplate and that which only the heart can know, to be moved by a wonderful aroma or by a gentle touch...

Address: 1 Gladstone St., 4000 Center, Plovdiv
Phone: 0877 22 87 00

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